The Effect of Music in Our Lives

It has been a long time since you heard your favourite song and wondered why you remember it all the time regardless of when it was produced. The music is wired to our brains making it hard for us to forget it. Different scientists have been able to identify the link between psychology and the songs we listen to all the time.

The Benefit of Music in Our Lives
The tests were performed on various subjects with age difference so that the test can be more accurate. The psychologists Hennis, Schulkind and Rubin found out that the songs evoked certain memories for the participants. Memories are usually recalled due to most important events in our lives because of the effect of music. Every music sends out a specific message and people describe music as time travel where you do not forget all you have gone through.

There are chemicals released by the brain to trigger good vibes when we listen to the song plus you get to let go of anything that is bothering you. Neurological development happens between the age of 12 and 22 due to tunes we listen to during these important events. We get to go through our memory lane and remind ourselves of everything that was important to us. When your parents play throwback songs, you felt like they were out of taste but when you hear those songs in your adulthood you will affection for them because of memories.

The sales of vinyl records have risen because of the digitalization of music after a period. The way we listen to music has really changed due to the growth of the social media like the rise of internet radio, digital music and on-demand streaming services. There are various ways you can support your artist by buying their latest music, you can also buy their old albums if you loved what they produced. There are t-shirts available which she public can buy that have pictures of legendary artists. Because of Jimi Hendrix’s great talent and innovation, he will never be out of style. You can find a variety of t-shirts from online stores at affordable prices

These T-Shirts come in different colour taste and also come in both short-sleeve and long-sleeve depending on what you want. You have to identify the songs that you love and those that you enjoy listening to from time to time.

In past generations, people became more nostalgic to their teen music at their 40s and 50s. The music how we interpret the songwe listen to during our youths will always have some great connections with us, but as we grow to our adulthood, the connection will be stronger.