Everything You Need to Know About Obtaining a Real Estate License in Georgia.

The financial growth that has been recorded in Georgia now is more than what area has experienced before. With just secluded areas including Senoia coming up and a great metro Atlanta having been completed, it is the best time to get your real estate license. For people who are worried that this is just a phase, know that this change is here to stay. The film industry is focusing on Georgia now and Amazon has an intent of building headquarters in Peach state which will see the real estate industry grow tremendously. If you have dreams of becoming a real estate agent, this is a great time for you to get your license. One of the misconceptions in this field is that real estate agents need to be degree holders. Actually, no one will ask you for a college diploma.

You only need a GED or high school diploma to get the license. There is no cause for worry if you do not have a GED yet because there is still a chance for you get one. You can easily get a GED course from any community center and college nearby. You can easily apply and get in and the courses do not take long. You will still have to take a background test even after you have completed the GED. This test will determine whether you will be admitted to the real estate school or not. There is no such thing as being disqualified just because you have a criminal record. You only need to fill in an extra application to get a background clearance. Note that there are laws regarding this and it is better if you are well conversant with them before applying.

Every person who wants to get the license will have to take a 75-hour course prior. The school you study at should be permitted by the Georgia Real Estate Commission to take students through the course. A quick online search can give you the names of the accredited schools. After you have completed the course, there is also applicable coursework to be handled. Remember that a six semester hours or 10 quarter hours of applicable real estate coursework is mandatory before you are licensed. You can think of it as an internship. Once you are a year-old in the field, a post-license class on new laws is a requirement.